Some free hosting groups will place an advertising banner at the top of the page

It is not unreasonable to expect a free hosting service to place an advertising banner on some of your pages. One of the most common ad locations is a leader board at the top of your page. Once you move off the free hosting or if the free hosting site does not use this area and allows you to display your own ads, you might want to consider using this space for your own advertising.
Some groups allow the web page designer to select what size ad and where the free hosting group's ad will be placed. This is a good compromise for free hosting group's advertising. We strongly encourage developers using free hosting services to place the ad in noticeably visible location.
For this evaluation page we will place elective advertising (when available) in the space below.

Welcome To
Freehosts Evaluation Page

Please visit our main FreeHost List at FreeHosts.TRoach.Net Remember to Check out:

This page is designed to be a test of basic functionality and live test comparison of various Free Hosting sites. Several hosting services have options available in the user control panel (cpanel) section or coding tags that will correct or reduce some of the issues found on this page (for instance where and how advertising is displayed). We have intentionally avoided using anything other than default 'out of the box' installation settings so one can get an idea about what issues and code modifications one can expect using this hosting service.

If PHP is enabled to the right should be displayed more information about the system's PHP configuration than most people would ever need/want to know.

If however PHP is not enabled you should simply see a large blank area.

Since we are using an iframe to display the information some groups will place an advertising banner at the top of the frame.

SSI (Server Side Include) Test
If SSI functionality is active on the host to the right you should see several pieces of information filled in under the VALUE column. If the column is blank it indicates that the host does not parse for SSI instructions.

For those not familiar with SSI coding, usually only *.shtml, *.stm or *.shtm files are parsed for SSI instructions. While the code can be very useful simply adding them to existing pages may not be practical. As it could require modification of all links in all pages that reference a web page modified to include SSI instructions.

Can you identify these pictures?

The most of the pictures were taken in the Philippines. We are currently trying to identify several of the critters, insects and plants (ideally with their scientific name). However in some cases simply getting a valid common name would be helpful.
If you would like to help us simply click on the picture and leave a message (flickr requires a yahoo id) or simply email me. Your help is appreciated.
For your help, we will be glad to give credit for the information to you. And, when appropriate, post a link to your site.

Looking for a new job?
Check out this page:

Job Search Links

Java Scripts
A quick test of Java Scripts.

Usually the problem with execution of these scripts is that the browser itself is set not to allow them to execute.
Local Computer Time:

Test Area
Several Book html files. (a side line project we are working on)

An automatic

"This space
left blank."

Remote Information Displays
The code for this section is on a different server.

PayPal Sales and Shopping Cart
This is a simple payment entry system utilizing PayPal that we used in order to accept credit card payments for services we had rendered.

Important Note:

This Credit Card payment entry system is for
example purposes only. You can add items
to the shopping cart without being charged.
However, entering credit card or PayPal
information AND completing the transaction
WILL result in Credit Card or PayPal charges.


Completed transactions will be treated
as donations.
Select amounts to total requested payment.
For instance if the requested payment totals $7:
Select $5 & the $1 twice then simply click begin checkout
to start the secure credit card processing.
(If you wish to test to see how this process works
you may cancel during checkout during checkout
before your credit card is actually charged.)










Page design by: Tim Roach
Page Last Updated: 3/19/2015

Instead of being at the top of the page some groups will place
an advertising banner at the bottom of the page.

While an advertisement placed at the bottom of a page will probably not be as effective for the hosting company, it is usually far less intrusive to the web pages. Not to mention this position usually creates fewer hassles for the website developer.