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If you are thinking about building a web site and looking for an inexpensive way to try your hand at web programming. A free hosting service is a good way to learn and build your initial sites. While granted your site and your programming skills will in time probably out grow the free services. They are an excellent way to "get your feet wet" in the world of web site development or to simply try out various applications (which some groups offer free) with out spending a lot of time or money.

I believe that one of the first things people tend to forget, but should always remember, about free hosting services is that the "free" service is costing someone a lot of money to allow others to build and test web sites using their equipment at no charge. So it is not unreasonable for a free hosting group to put some limitations and caveats on the services offered. For instance, insisting on one of their ads being placed on your page, limiting disk space or monthly traffic allowances, type of application(s) allowed on their servers, just to name a few things. Simply put, Do Not expect "the moon" as the old saying goes. There are enough free hosting sites out there that someone somewhere is probably offering the system requirements you are looking for with tolerable limitations. Basically you want to look for a group offering what you need to get started, not all the "bells and whistles" that you may or many not use later.

A lot of people also often forget to look at what the free hosting group offers with its paid services. At some point your site will probably out grow free hosting services, at which point you will need to either host your own site or move to paid hosting services. If the free hosting service offers the paid services you think you will need later, at a price you are comfortable paying, the migration to a company's paid services is usually very simple. The big thing to watch out for with paid services is not to sign up for services that you may never use. There is no point paying for something to "collect dust". One can always upgrade the services later if they should become needed. Upgrading or adding services is usually a very easy process with most companies; Downgrading or dropping unused services is often far more difficult.


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