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What information is on our FreeHosts list?

What information
is on our F.H. list?
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Hosting Service
Main Page

Name of the Free Host service and a Link to the free hosting service's main page.

Services offered

Link to the services offered / comparison page of the hosting service. We chose only to link to the services offered by each company because several groups make “ongoing” modifications to the services they offer. As a result trying to keep a list of services current for all the hosting services is not practical.

Terms of Service

Link to the terms of service page – usually these pages are boring and most generally say roughly the same thing. However IT IS IMPORTANT TO CAREFULLY READ THE TOS of the company you are planning to use. Most are fairly honest and reasonable. Unfortunately there are some groups that put in some “scary gotcha clauses” in their TOS documentation. For instance unexpected automatic charges that are billed without warning or that your site can be locked without warning and remained locked until you pay the free hosting company to have it released or upgrade to their paid services.
Suggestion: NEVER give any credit, financial or billing information to a free hosting service. Companies do not need that information until YOU are ready to start using their paid services. Regardless of service you use, ALWAYS keep a current copy of your site on your local system.

Evaluation page

The Link to our evaluation/test page on the free hosting company’s site. See what the page looks like on our server: FH_Evaluation


Search for comments / complaints about the hosting service – a live search for comments and complaints about the host company. It is not unusual for any company to have a few complaints (it is impossible to make everyone happy). However if serious complaint(s) have been discussed for several years about a company, it might be best to avoid the company.


Our thoughts and comments about the hosting company.


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