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In addition to building our list of Free Hosting Siites. We have also signed up for services offered by each group and have placed the same generic test/example page on each of the sites so that one can get an idea of what to expect a page to look like on each of the sites. We wanted to evaluate some of the basics that are offered by each of the hosting sites and what various options will look like after any "forced modifications" the hosting service performs. For instance, after the free hosting site adds an advertising banner to the page. As a result our example page is a bit "Techie", has a lot of, usually unwanted/unnecessary, comments on the page and is not very stylish or eye catching.

We have placed exactly the same files on each of the services. Any variations with what is being displayed on a given host site are the result of modifications made by the hosting service or caused by services that are or are not offered with their default settings. (Note: on some hosting sites there may be background settings one can adjust to correct some of the issues. However, hat we wanted to test is a base 'out of the box' default setting instalation of each service.)

A few things we placed on the evaluation page are:

a display of php compatibility and version
ssi functionality test
simple java scripts test
paypal sales & shopping cart
remote information displays

Note: We did not attempt to utilize databases or applications that might be available on the various hosts. We only tried to test basic functionality that is commonly used.

Click the link below to see what our basic site evaluation page looks like without any background modifications:
generic test/example page


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